AGORA Images’ #Fun2019 Shows How People Have Fun In Their Part of the World

AGORA Images is a free-to-use photography app empowering people from around the world to share their visual stories.

“We are on a mission to democratize photography. We’re disrupting the industry, enabling people to make money with their best photos by joining the biggest international photo contests. AGORA is: the best photos of the year by people worldwide,” according to the website.

In our digital world today, everyone has a camera or smartphone and the world is so connected that you can see what the other parts of the world are doing. AGORA decided to create an app where people everywhere can join their creative revolution. “We’re humanizing photography, inspiring people to learn, to showcase their work and to connect.”

For those who want to join, you can just upload your best shots to the app and participate in sponsored contests to win prizes and other rewards. You can also vote for the best photos of the year while discovering new talents. One of their recent contests is called #Fun2019, where they asked photographers to capture how people have fun in their parts of the world. They have selected the best 50 photos, showing how simple things can bring so much joy to everyone. Check out below.