Amateur Photographer Takes The Perfect Shot Of A Bald Eagle

Canadian amateur photographer, Steve Biro, captured the perfect shot of a bald eagle and its reflection in the water that is now going viral. This is a shot he wanted to take for many years now and he finally managed to fulfill his dream.

The photo was taken at Canadian Raptor Conservancy and the photographer claims that the eagle was disturbed by his presence.

“He was actually trying to brush me away from where I was perched. I could feel the breeze from his wings as he flew over me. The other people who were there were gasping as he came over my head. It was really quite exhilarating,” Biro said in an interview with BBC.

This photo was only one of hundreds he had made that day and it soon made it to the front page of Reddit. The photographer was overwhelmed by this response.

“That [photograph] was the one that struck me as as little more special than the others. But I still didn’t even know how it would resonate with people.”

Check out Biro’s Instagram page for more breathtaking photos of nature and wildlife.