Couple Climbs Mount Sinai for a Spectacular Wedding Photoshoot

Image via Yehia El Zeiny Photography Deviation/Facebook

Cairo-based photographer Yehia El Zeiny recently took to Facebook to share a recent wedding photo shoot that he did for the wedding of his friends Mohamed and Asmaa.

While most wedding photoshoots don’t exactly garner a lot of attention, this one was a little bit different. Although the photos were indeed spectacular, they were also amazing for another reason – the photoshoot happened way up high the mountains – 2,200 meters up in the mountains, to be exact.

Deciding to take their photoshoot out of the busy streets of Cairo, the trio decided to hold the photoshoot at the Saint Catherine City in South Sinai where Mount Sinai is located. The mountain is famous for a lot of reasons. The main reason is that this was supposedly the mountain where Moses spoke to god.

To get there, the entire photographer’s team and the couple, as well as the entourage, took a five-hour bus ride from Cairo and started hiking for about three hours, just in case to catch the Sunset view and create the perfect background for what has to be one of the most stunning wedding photoshoots you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

All in all, the entire trip took nearly an entire day. But, considering what comes of it, it was very well worth the effort.

Congratulations to the newly-weds, and good luck to them in their future life together.