Dutch Photographer Shows the Captivating Magic of Tulip Season

Albert Dros is an extraordinary landscape photographer from the Netherlands who spends immense amounts of dedication and time to get the perfect shot that is “stuck in his head.” This certainly pays off because his work is a real breath of fresh air in the world of landscape photography and has been featured in Time, National Geographic and The Huffington Post.

The 32-year-old professional photographer captures shots that are so vibrant and beautifully composed that they look like scenes from a fairytale world that have earned him world-wide admiration. Although the final product looks so natural and effortless, Dros meticulously plans and prepares for every shoot, and then relies on patience to get the shot he envisioned.

When he’s not travelling the world in search for the most majestic natural sceneries, he is home in the Netherlands enjoying the tulip season and capturing unique views of seas of gentle blooming tulips bathing in the warmth of spring. Even though he has made many tulip shots over the years, their dreamy beauty makes him come back every year to try out a new idea, resulting with uniquely passionate, colorful photographs of the nation’s favorite flower.

Always had a soft spot for the Netherlands? Immerse yourself in the tulip season with the gallery below!