Hummingbirds’ Wings Looking Like Rainbows In The Sun

Photographer Christian Spencer managed to capture something that most of us rarely get to see with our own eyes. He photographed a black Jacobin hummingbird, whose wings look like flying rainbows because of the sun shining in the distance.

The photographer shot these breathtaking photos from his verandah in Rio de Janeiro and says he didn’t use any digital manipulation.

“There is no special technique, just diffraction of light through the wings of this special hummingbird,” the artist shared in an interview for My Modern Met. “Nobody ever could have ever dreamed that this was a reality. I receive emails every day from people across the world touched by these images.”

This isn’t the first time that Spencer successfully recorded bird’s movements. In 2011, the artist created a film called The Dance of Time, for which he received 10 international awards and three best film honors. This time he tried to photograph the same subject and that’s how his latest photo series called Winged Prism was created.

Take a look at these magical pictures.