Hungarian Artist Creates Phenomenal Hyperrealistic Portraits

Fanni Bacskó is a Hungarian artist who creates hyperrealistic portraits you could easily mix with photographs. According to her Instagram bio, she is interested in Dadaism, as well and adds that “every minute of every day can be an inspiration.”

“There are many talented artists who give you freshness and impetus. But my real mentors have no websites or social media accounts, unfortunately,” she said in an interview for 9mood. “They have a lot of professional knowledge and they have rare and very interesting perspectives. I love kitsch and extraordinary things and minds.”

Bacskó is passionate about her art, and although, in the beginning, it wasn’t easy for her to find opportunities, now opportunities find her.

“I loved working on all my artwork and I think all my projects have the same priority. But I would like to highlight one of my most beloved ones. The pieces were designed and created for a luxury home in Budapest, which now serves as an exhibition space for my abstract creations,” the artist revealed.

To see her brilliant work, check out the gallery below, or follow her on Instagram for future updates.