Impressive Macro Photos of African Thorny Seeds by Dillon Marsh

 To help them spread as much as possible, some seeds developed various thorns and burst which allow them to attach themselves to anything that moves and reach areas they wouldn’t reach otherwise. Cape Town-based photographer Dillon Marsh encountered a fair share of these seeds on his shoes, clothes, and bags, and was so impressed by this phenomenon that he decided to make it a focal point of his latest project.

Marsh recently presented a series of photographs that feature various African thorny seeds, also known as “hitchhiker.” He took the photos using the macro lens, which allowed him to capture all the impressive details of his “models.

“After carefully lighting the seeds, I then photographed them using a macro lens which allows me to zoom in but leaves me with a very narrow depth of field,” – Marsh told Colossal. “To overcome this, I take several photos of each seed, incrementally focusing along with its entire depth.  I then stack the images together in Photoshop in order to create one fully detailed image.”

All the effort Marsh put into this project has certainly paid off, as he ended up with impressive photos that prove how nature can be amazing. Check out some of them below.