Meet Josh Dykgraaf, a True Master of Photo Manipulation

For artists, many different things can be a source for creativity, whether it’s the love of the art itself or enjoying the process of doing something different or meaningful, or maybe the need for approval from people on social media or the world around them. Everyone has their unique well of inspiration and for Josh Dykgraaf, it’s mostly the satisfaction of finishing a great project and seeing it take real, physical shape. 

Josh Dykgraaf is a freelance graphic designer and photo illustrator from Australia with an expertise in photo manipulation and 3D work. His imagination and passion, combined with his master skills in Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and 3D modeling in general, will take you to a surreal world which presents a perfect balance between the real and unreal. Leaning on his curiosity about the world, he creates provoking illusions designed to challenge the viewer’s sense of reality.  

Josh’s work is based on combining hundreds of images into seamless works of art; featuring rich textures, minuscule details, and stunning effects. His pieces include photos from North America, Africa, Central Europe, Scandinavia, and Australia. 

Take a look at some of his remarkable photo manipulations below. 

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The finished product.

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