Noora Al Neyadi’s Photography Reveals the Soul of Arab Architecture

Have you ever wondered how walking down the streets of the most futuristic cities or amid the vast desserts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia feels like? Well, we have, and a talented native young photographer Noora Al Mur Al Neyadi has given us a taste of just that.

Given the country’s conservative travel-discouraging policies, not many people can brag that Saudi Arabia is in their traveling portfolio. Yet, the kingdom has always attracted the world’s imagination with its dramatic natural landscapes that feature both spectacular deserts and lush greenery and sky-high mega cities that are on the edge of technological advancement behind their shiny, sleek look.

For 26-year-old Noora, a rising #iPhoneOnly photographer, both the ancient and ultra-modern architectural styles present in her country are a source of deep admiration and creative inspiration. On her travels to Saudi Arabia’s many gorgeous locations, she captures the distinct charm of Saudi Arabia’s visual features in beautiful storytelling photos that have already gotten the attention of multinational brands and magazines.

Al Neyadi says that her main goal is to “share her beautiful country” with the world, and she’s doing a great job at that. Take a look at Saudi Arabia’s mysterious glamour through the lens of Noora in the photos below!