Photographer and Her Dog Explore Abandoned Places Together

Image via alicevankempen/Instagram

Alice van Kempen and her three-year-old Bull Terrier named Claire love to explore abandoned buildings and take hilarious photographs. The duo has been going on adventures for over two years now. Alice and her snow-white doggie have visited old prisons, military bases, coal mines, trains, planes, monasteries, churches, hospitals, farms, and private houses.

Before the photo-sessions begin, the duo likes to spend quite some time just walking the rooms and sitting at specific spots, so they could “catch” the atmosphere.

Urban Exploring or Urbex is about exploring abandoned farms, houses & palaces, discovering overgrown industrial complexes, forgotten hospitals, disused churches, and prisons.“ photographer shared. “When I decided to use my furry friend as a model I came up with a unique name for this type of photography – Furbex.”

Furbex also became the title of van Kempen’s book that was published recently. Scroll down and check out some of their photographs below.