The Fragility of Humans in the Face of Mother Nature

Italian photographer Gustav Willeit used his technical skills to unveil the vast beauty of Mother Nature. He captures the glory of the natural landscapes featuring a solo human silhouette, showing the fragility of mankind in the face of nature.

The human figure is usually shot at a distance emphasizing their miniature size compared to the immense landscapes. Willeit also captures the silent tranquility of the great outdoors.

“The mountains, depicted in their architecture of incredible variants and infinite chromatic shades, unveil another essential yet invisible element: silence – the kind of silence inviting the viewer to listen to it,” Willeit told My Modern Met. “This silence is not disturbed by the presence of the human figure, which is placed in these landscapes like an attempt to present a familiar and graspable element. Yet the effect is quite the contrary: the human figure is not reassuring but escapes reason by raising a feeling of senselessness and impotence.”