Photographer Captures The World Through Doors And Windows

Sandy Major is a Lebanese-American photographer based in Washington, D.C. who likes to travel and take photographs and she’s quite good at it. Her Instagram page is filled with colorful pictures of breathtaking landscapes that she captured on her travels.

However, her newest project called “An Open View” is the one that caught our attention. This is a series of photos of different cities and cultures that Major captured through open doors and windows. She managed to tell us a completely different story about these places just by changing her perspective.

“I have always loved capturing the world through a different perspective and photography has allowed me to do so. Enjoy these various photographs I’ve captured from some of the cities I’ve been to around the world. Cheers to keeping an open eye and open view of this beautiful world we live in,” she said to Bored Panda.

Check out her stunning photos below.