Photographer Captures Tokyo’s Street Workers

Frank Le Petit is a Tokyo-based artist who photographs workers on streets to pay tribute to people who make Japan one of the most unique countries in the world. With his project called Hatarakimono, the French-born photographer, also known as K-Narf (Frank spelled backward) on social media, captures portraits of workers in their uniforms on the streets of Tokyo.

His project began three years ago, back in 2016 and collected images of 102 workers on the job. In his photoshootings, Frank uses a custom built travelling photo studio and snaps photographs on the scene. Cook, fireman, a shoe cobbler etc. they were all asked to stop working for a couple of minutes and model on a small stool in front of the background made of fabric.

Scroll down and check out his work below. Don’t forget to follow the arrows for more cool images.

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HATARAKIMONO PROJECT Portrait No.079 A Tofu Wholesaler Tape-o-graph, 2017 ——————————— In October 2016, I started the HATARAKIMONO PROJECT as part of my ongoing work to transform the “Super-ordinary” of my everyday life into an “Extra-ordinary visual archive” for the Future. I always wanted to make a large-scale series of portraits, so I decided to create a photographic project about the people I come to see down the road of my Tokyo studio: the Japanese workers. This photographic project, made of 102 Tape-o-graphic portraits of HATARAKIMONO, took more than one year to create: Not only it required the preparation of 32 photo-shootings to photograph HATARAKIMONO one by one at their working site but also each triptych portrait has been manually processed as original TAPE-O-GRAPHS, a néo-vintage photographic method I invented about ten years ago. As part of the project and with the support of the Yves Klein Archives, the whole tape-o-graphic portrait collection will be kept in a museum storage for 25 years to be shown again in 2042 in a selection of 5 very prestigious museums that I had already selected. Therefore, I personally wrote an announcement letter to each of the selected Museums’ Directors to inform them of the HATARAKIMONO PROJECT EXHIBITION in their institution in 25 years, together with a precise schedule for the year 2042. I already received two unapproved answer letters, let's hope time will make them change their mind, I am not in a hurry!"_____________ #hatarakimonoproject #knarfart #bricolageart #photography #artproject #contemporaryphotography #onlyinjapan #tokyo #portraitphotography #beleivemeitwasnotthateasy

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