Photographer Uses Unique Self-Portraits to Shed Light on Japan’s Depopulation Problems

Scarecrow Photography
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The world’s first and only scarecrow photographer and creator, Chika Usui is also now a Goodwill Ambassador for Okuharima Scarecrow village.

Having stumbled upon the small village during one of her travels, she eventually learned how to create scarecrows and are now using it to highlight one of Japan’s more worrying problems — depopulation.

As fewer and fewer of Japan’s youth are interested in having families and children, more and more villages are starting to lose people. Case in point, the Okuharima Scarecrow Village, whose village population is now only 9 and the average age of each resident is over 80 years old.

Chika Usui is using the scarecrows to help attract more people to the said village, having already created more than 130 scarecrows.

Scroll down below to see some shots of her unique choice of work.