Robin Yayla is Putting a Fun Twist on Famous Buildings We Know and Love

Robin Yayla is equally passionate about drawing and travel, and he managed to combine his two big loves into one. This artist specializes in taking photos of famous buildings around the world and drawing over them to change the way we look at these iconic landmarks.

Yayla hails from Istanbul, but he found a new home in Italy after moving to Milan to get his Master’s Degree in Art and Design. Italy proved to be a perfect place for his art to thrive, and he created many illustrations that put the country’s iconic buildings front and center, from the Colosseum to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Yayla enjoyed drawing from a young age and the way he approached his art changed once he fell in love with traveling. He decided to turn to making illustrations of buildings we all know and love and showcase their beauty with unique twists.

“By making illustrations on them, he interpreted the characteristics of the cities which he has seen in Europe as different items. Robin Yayla showcases the beauties we miss throughout the day with unique twists,” the artist explains on his official website

Since embarking on this journey, Yayla attracted 150,000 followers to his Instagram page, often paying homage to famous figures from popular culture, sports, and history through his work.