Roger Hølmen’s Photos of Buildings Are Captivating

Taking a good photo, one that can easily be distinguished from all other photos, is not an easy task. Roger Hølmen, however, managed to find his own artistic style that makes him unique among all other photographers.

Hølmen lives in Norway and his work is mostly inspired by nature, which results in many amazing landscape shots. At the moment, the artist is working on a new photo series called “Seduced by the light,” in which he is exploring his latest passion – architecture.

“My series of architecture photos are about using negative space and simplifying complex man-made creations. In a busy world, I look for stillness of these creations against the beauty of the sky or isolated on its own”, Hølmen shared onBored Panda.

“To create my architecture photos, I usually take several long exposure shots and blend them in Photoshop. I really try to play with light and shadows in order to recreate what I envision in my head.”

Take a look at his amazing photos.