South African Photographer Captures City Inequality in Striking Aerial Photos

South African photographer, Johnny Miller, shows the startling differences between rich and poor parts of cities. Those can be clearly seen with his aerial photos captured with a drone.

Miller moved to South Africa to study anthropology and get his master’s degree. Once he arrived, he was shocked by the huge social and economic gap between the rich and the poor. So far, he has taken more than 100 photos of cities in South Africa, but also in India, Tanzania, Kenya, and even the US.

“The images that I find the most powerful are when the camera is looking straight down—what’s known as ‘nadir view,’ looking at the actual borders between rich and poor,” Miller says. “Sometimes this is a fence, sometimes a road, or wetlands—with small shacks or poor houses on one side, and larger houses or mansions on the other. Whatever it is about the composition of those photographs, they are extremely powerful to people. I think the images make inequality relevant—people can see themselves reflected in the images, and it’s deeply unsettling.”

See his work below.