Steve Roe’s Beautiful Photos Capture Kyoto’s Essence

Being such a vibrant, wonderful mix of ancient tradition, cosmopolitan cities, and breathtaking landscapes, Japan is pretty much the dreamland of every photographer, and Seoul-based photographer, Steve Roe, has taken full advantage of his time there.

While Roe did an amazing job capturing the electrifying, cyberpunk soul of Japan’s great cities with his trademark fractal lenses, he has recently shown us that his talents stretch far beyond urban photography, as you will see in the gallery below.

While visiting Kyoto, Japan’s mesmerizing old capital, he snapped a series of warm, soul-soothing magical shots of Kyoto’s gems: the beautiful gardens, celebrated shrines and temples and tranquil landscapes. As he says, it was an unforgettable trip and “one of the best weekends for photography” – and it shows!

The immensely talented photographer and urban explorer shared the wanderlust-infused photos on Instagram, where he has so far amassed over 16,400 followers and counting, and people were simply enchanted. Perhaps Roe’s greatest achievement is inspiring curious minds to travel the world in a search for unique experiences by showing us the authentic beauty of some of the most vivid spots in the world.  

Check out the photos below for a glimpse of Roe’s amazing work, then start packing those bags!