These Photographs Remind of a “Where’s Waldo?” Illustration

Pelle Cas’ photographs are almost too much to handle. Capturing numerous people in one over-crowded scene, his frames remind of a “Where’s Waldo?” book, except there’s no Waldo.

The Brookline, Massachusetts-based photographer, is known for his ongoing series, Crowded Fields, where he captures athletes going about and doing their thing.

In an interview with It’s Nice That, Pelle explained the process that takes place behind each of his creations. According to him, he places his camera on a tripod and takes up to a thousand pictures. Then he’ll “compile selected figures into a final photograph that is kind of a still time-lapse.”

“I change nothing – not a pixel – only select what to keep and what to omit,” he stressed. “It all happened just as you see it, just not at the same time. The main trick is when people overlap, I have to trim around them very carefully in Photoshop,” he continued.

“I think I know when to let things get a little blurry or indistinct when people overlap since all photos have areas where they tend to break down. And all photos, no matter how high the resolution, break down at some point and become blobby approximations of the kind realist painters will recognise. So, understanding this helps me keep the photos looking ‘real’ or, more precisely, keeps them looking believably photographic.”

Check out some of our favorite photos of his.