About Us

We started Play Junkie several years ago because we’re a group of friends who often send each other new stuff we’ve discovered online, interesting bits and bobs, and cool new ideas. One day we were thinking, why not share this with the world? So, we built this site from the ground up, in order to share what’s funny, trending, interesting, or just plain cool, with you!

Our team of writers comes from all over the globe, with writers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Our goal is to find the coolest, most trending, and most fun things that are happening, and we do not limit ourselves to our little corner of the world.

At Play Junkie, we hope to stay in touch with our readers and hear what you think about our articles. Please be in touch if you wish to comment, ask questions, suggest topics for articles, etc.

You find us at [email protected]