Kiki Do You Love Me Challenge!

"Kiki do you love me" is the dance that everyone has been talking about lately! Here is a dance compilation of people dancing to Drake's new song,...

Gold Digger Out Of Control

Here is HoomanTV showing another Gold Digger Prank

The Gold Digger Fiance!

Jorge in this video gives up everything for Anfisa who only cares about money..

The Worlds Stretchiest Skin

Here is a video of Garry Turner who is able to stretch his skin in unbelievable ways!

15 Bee Stings A Day… Addiction!

This person has an addiction of getting 15 bee stings a day!

Crazy Magician Trick!

Ain't no pool party like a magic pool party! Here is a video of a magician walking on water! You'll also find out how he does it!

Public Marriage Proposals That Went Horribly Wrong

Here is a list of probably the probably the most embarrassing footage of public marriage proposals that went horribly wrong.

Who Thinks Logan Paul is Perfect?!?

Here is a video of Logan Paul identifying if he is perfect

Can’t Stop Laughing!

Here is a video of contagious laughter compilation, it'll most likely make you laugh!

Oddly Satisfying Video Brand New Collection

Here is a video of satisfying compilation that is oddly satisfying


14 Hilarious Toilet Signs

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After The Age of 30, All Look Different

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Some Say English Is The Most Impossible Language, We Got Proofs

For the 527 million people who call English their native language, the initial reaction to the title of this article might be "What are...

Lifelong Couples That Show How Relationship Goals Should Look Like

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Most Beautiful Girl In The World?

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Just Fun

Classic Art Gets GIF Makeovers

Hazal Yalim is a self-proclaimed “reimaginer” who turns classic, widely recognizable works of art into GIFs by superimposing moving images over the originals. The...

Most Hilarious Things That Kids Get Upset About

All parents know the struggle when their kid is crying uncontrollably for no apparent reason. Turns out, kids can be quite creative when it...

Check out What Happens When A Woman Ask a Guys on a Date

Both men and women have one thing in common. They have a hard time revealing their feelings to someone they like in fear of...

Russian Guy Nails It With Low-Cost Cosplays

Are low-cost cosplays becoming a trend? More than 54,000 people who follow Alexander Kravets on Instagram would certainly agree. The Moscow-based artist recreates popular characters...

Weird Fashion Trends That Simply Went Too Far

Fashion is versatile - one person's taste doesn't have to match the next one's. There are plenty of trends out there for everybody and...

A Whole New Meaning to Low-Cost Cosplay

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