7 Million Flowers Bloom in Holland’s Largest Spring Garden

Keukenhof is a magnificent garden located in South Holland. It showcases the Dutch floral sector, particularly on flower bulbs. The park displays 7 million spring-flowering bulbs from 100 participating royal suppliers. These are the exhibitors who supply their best range of flowers, making sure they are delivered to the park in the autumn, ready for planting.

In addition to Holland’s best tulips, other bulbous flowers such as hyacinth and narcissus are all arranged in orderly, colorful rivers.  

The Keukenhof’s history dates back to the 15th century when the fields were used to produce fruits and vegetables for Jacqueline of Bavaria‘s kitchen helper. In 1641, a castle was added and the estate grew to cover an area of more than 200 hectares. Then, architects redesigned the landscape in 1857, imitating an English garden.

The tradition of spring flower exhibition began in 1949 when 20 leading flower bulb growers decided to use the garden to show off their best bulbs. Today, many people from around the world visit Keukenhof to admire the beautiful array of tulips in bloom.