A Great White Shark That You Can Take Pictures With

A majestic great white shark has terrified swimmers near the coast of Palolem Beach in the south of Goa, India, but you shouldn’t fear it because although it may deceive you from a distance, it is actually made of stone.

The life-size natural rock was transformed into a giant shark with a gaping mouth by American artist Jimmy Swift, who noticed the “head” with a perfect shape and immediately got inspired by the horror movie Jaws

The graffiti artist shared a photo of his creation on Instagram and said it was the hardest thing he had painted. He said that he was hit by the waves and the rising tide which forced him to stop before it was over. When he saw this rock for the first time, it seemed like a perfect target.

Its transformation was inspired by the promotional posters for the movie Jaws. He says that the movie scared him so much when he was a kid that its visuals have been stuck in his memory ever since. Swift has worked as an artist for over 15 years and has traveled to more than 90 countries, contributing art to all the places he goes to.