After Feeding Crows for Years, Family Receives Gifts from the Birds

Stuart Dahlquis and his family have been feeding a group of crows for several years. They were totally surprised when one day, they received a gift from them not just once but twice.

“Crows are amazing creatures and I’ve always felt this way since I was a boy,” Dahlquist told Bored Panda. “Birds – all kinds – have been a real focal part of my life; I love watching them, listening to their calls, identifying them.”

He has been feeding this particular crow family for almost 4 years. “They nest in a large douglas fir tree that’s in our front yard and we could hear the babies when the parents would feed them,” he shared. “One day I found both babies had fallen to the ground, almost able to fly but not quite. We got them into a tree and the parents – pretty angry with us actually – took it from there and the little ones survived. We began feeding them soon after.”

Dahlquis can tell when they’re hungry. “Sometimes when I’m walking they’ll fly with me, landing on the wires and branches above as I amble along. When we get home they like to land on the fence and wait to be fed. Other times they simply ‘Caw! Caw!’ at us… It’s pretty obvious when they want food.” He gives them high-quality dry cat food. “Crows aren’t as keen on corn as people seem to think.”

Scroll down below to see the beautiful presents from the crows.