Artist Creates Glow-in-the-dark Wall Clocks

Artist Milica Dimitrova’s glow-in-the-dark wall clocks are not just spectacular but they also capture the mesmerizing beauty of solar system as well as the twelve zodiac constellations.

The artist started her glass journey in 2010 when she was inspired to create a transparent art piece for her own living space. “I was greatly impressed by the elegance of this material – its deep and transparent qualities; its profound sophistication and diversity; and its inherent ability to convey a meaningful message through a beautiful array of colors,” she shared.

Together with her partner, they founded Miliart studio in 2013, handcrafting all their stunning glass clocks and other decorative products, which are available in their Etsy shop. Each wall clock is hand-painted with touch of acrylic or glass paints in vibrant colors. Adding some layer of luminescent paint, the clocks glow brightly in the dark, allowing you to feel the cosmic magic within your home.