Artist Creates Realistic-Looking Art You Might Confuse With Photographs

Dylan Eakin describes himself as a photorealistic artist living and working in Seattle, Washington. Although, he has a degree in sculptural art, in 2016 Eakin began training himself in photorealism, because “it was cheaper than pursuing a career in figurative ceramics.”

“It’s been a bit of a journey, but I’m finally at a place, where I’m truly proud of my work,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “Charcoal is the main medium I used, with graphite for the finer details. Every once in a while, I’ll use tiny points of white paint for the highlights.”

When you see his work, you could easily mix it with black and white photographs, however, there is no photography camera involved, it’s all drawn by hand.

On his Instagram account called, Eakin has attracted over 40 thousand admirers. You can also find his work on Patreon, where he has been sharing his creations.

Scroll down and check out his work below.