Artist Knits Various Animal Dissections You Might Find Weird

Emily Stoneking, better known as aKNITomy on social media, is a textile artist who makes knitted animal dissections. It might seem weird at first, but if you look twice, it is much more pleasant than seeing dissected frogs, bats and mice in real life, right?

The artist says that she seeks her inspiration from the 19th-century biological illustrations found in old science books, and admits that she can’t draw.

Just finished up a commissioned piece: a dissected version of everybody's favorite rat, Pizza Rat!

Posted by aKNITomy on Saturday, February 24, 2018

“I wish I had the fine line drawing skills to be able to create anatomical illustrations like the ones that have long inspired me, but alas, I can’t really draw. But I can knit! So wooly illustrations it’ll have to be,” the artist shared on her Etsy store and added that she takes a lot of artistic liberties when creating her artwork.

“I do spend a lot of time researching real anatomical structures, and my guts have evolved over time (they used to be pretty blobby and random). But now, they really look very human, which I have found people tend to gravitate to.”

Check out her fuzzy creations below, or follow her on Instagram for future updates.