Artist Re-imagines Best Picture Nominees As Oscar Statues

Olly Gibbs is a London-based artist who recreated the best picture nominees as Oscars statues. The designer and former art director has been working at Empire Design in the film and TV industry. He is also an award-winning designer and illustrator and a member of the Association of Illustrators.

From Marriage Story to Joker and Little Women, the artist began illustrating movies as Oscar statues almost a decade ago.

“For seven years I have worked on a personal project of illustrating all the Best Picture nominees at the Oscars for the upcoming year. Each film is portrayed by the gold statue in a costume and elements from the film.”

You can find all nine movies on his Instagram account where he usually shares his creations. You can also take a look at his other social media accounts like Twitter or follow him on his personal website for future updates.