Artist Re-Imagines Famous Logos to Make Them More Meaningful

David Huynh describes himself as an illustrator, designer and fun guy who created a series of logos from big brands such as McDonald’s, Nike, Disney, Channel, and NASA to showcase his unique interpretations.

“I started out in logo design and have always enjoyed the simplicity of logos,” the artist told Bored Panda. I decided one day to include a theme within a logo that represents the brand. The first one I did was Nike and Adidas, from there I kept going and people really liked them.”

NASA is represented with astronauts, Channel with diamonds, Amazon with boxes, while Nike is showcased with runners. All of the images are bright and colorful.

Huynh shares his creations on his social media accounts, mostly on Instagram where he has attracted more than 46 thousand admirers.

If you are interested to see some of his logos, have a look on his Instagram page and follow his work.