Artist Repairs Old Pokémon Cards

According to artist Micah Yates, she has been collecting, trading and hoarding Pokémon cards for about 23 years. However, recently she began a totally different journey. She started painting the cards.

As a little girl she was always wondering what could be lurking behind the neon yellow border that encloses every Pocket Monster illustration.

“As an older, developing artist, I decided to take to the brush and ‘erase’ that border that I loathed so much,” artist shared. “After practicing my card-painting skills for quite some time, people began coming to me, asking me to ‘retouch’ their own cards from decades ago that had once meant so much to them. Scratched Pikachus, bent Magikarps, old and faded Charizards – so many sent to me just so they could have one last chance in the spotlight.”

Scroll down and check out her work below.