Artist Transforms Busts Of Famous Composers

Steffie Storms describes herself as an “awkward artist from the Netherlands” who likes wandering around the thrift shop. Not that long ago, she saw busts of three famous composers staring at her. Strauss, Mozart, and Bach were waiting for a new owner.

Storms thought they would be a nice addition to her workplace, but she found them a little bit boring, so she decided to transform them into more mainstream characters.

“Sculpting is pretty new to me so it would be a challenge. Not knowing if this project would work out I started sculpting. It took me about two days to make the Colonel and Ronald. Even I was surprised by how they turned out. I got a bit scared and waited a bit to start on the Burger King. After almost four days I finished the fast-food trio,” the artist wrote on Bored Panda.

Check out the gallery below to see the fantastic trio. Which one is your favorite?