Australian Zookeeper Takes Animals into his Home to Save Them from Fires

The devastating fires in Australia have affected more than just the people living there. 

While thousands have lost their homes but managed to save their lives by evacuating from areas ravaged by flames, Australia’s vast collection of wildlife does not always have such a luxury. Thankfully, the animals at New South Wales’ Mogo Wildlife Park are all still alive — thanks to its zookeeper. 

Chad Staples, who is the director of the sanctuary that houses almost 200 endangered and exotic species, opened his own home to some of the inhabitants. These included monkeys, red pandas, and even a tiger. 

“Due to the amazing staff here and a well-executed plan, no one is hurt, not a single animal,” he told local broadcaster ABC. “Any species of animal that was small enough, or was in an area we couldn’t protect, we caught up. Right now in my house, there are animals of all descriptions in all the different rooms with different pet packs so that they’re safe and protected.”

It sounds like a real-life scene from Dr. Doolittle.