Autistic Woman Finds Happiness In Little Creatures

Being diagnosed with autism and depressive disorder, Dutch crafter Angelique Rebel explains that she has always struggled to express herself, especially in words. So she started doing art therapy which also helped her develop her creativity.

“I’ve learned a lot in a few years and arts and crafts have brought me so much. My work helps me to make connections: by sharing my art, giving demonstrations and sometimes teaching other people,” the artist shared on Bored Panda and added that she believes that art is one of the best forms of therapy and a beautiful way to bring people together.

During her therapy, Rebel learned so many things, like exploring textile art, leather crafting, woodworking, and paper art. She is also the co-founder of Rebels Workshop on Instagram where she shares some of her creativity.

You can add one of the artist’s adorable crafts to your own collection by purchasing from her shop, and follow her latest work on social media.