Can You Believe These Flowers Are Made of Paper?

After closing her store, the 32-year-old Dutch artist Anouk Böhmer began creating enchanting paper flowers. She gets her inspiration from the talented artist Ann Wood and from nature that surrounds her. She says that if she sees blooms growing, she needs to stop and see, and take a lot of pictures.

“I like to imitate nature. This is quite a challenge, but if it succeeds it gives a kick. I study real flowers and view a huge number of photos and read books. This way I see the beautiful details of the real flowers and try to copy them from paper,” the artist told in an interview for Ballpit and added that she likes interacting with other artists and to see what people can make with their hands.

“I think artists show you their way of how they see the world in their art and that’s sometimes a reflection of your own thoughts, but many times it gives you more inspiration by seeing their view and think about life.”

To see her paper crafts, check out the gallery below or follow her on Instagram for future updates.