Check Out The Illustrations About Two Raccoons And Their Adventures

Since the beginning of the time, animals have always been an inspiration to many artists. Cats, dogs, birds, horses, bulls and other domestic and wild creatures somehow found their way into the artistic world. Laura Anca Adascalitei is one of those artists. She is the mind behind her project called Coon Tales, a series of illustrations of two raccoons and their adventures.

The story of George and Steve began two years ago, back in October 2017 as a part of Inktober. However, Adascalitei just couldn’t stop illustrating their adventures. Although they are usually pretty topical with the season, they also love exploring other places, so they have traveled a lot and are interested in art history. The two furry friends also have a pretty cool pet.

You can find Coon Tales on Facebook, where Adascalitei shares her adorable creations.

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