Check Out This Glass Painter Who Beautifully Decorates Glassware

Vita is a Kyiv, Ukraine-based glass painter enthusiast who is passionate about decorating teapots, mugs, and plates using heat-set paint. Better known as vitraaze on social media, the artist’s Etsy store features more than 500 unique and colorful items. With her beautiful pieces, the artist wants to spread love, joy, and beauty.

“I love the idea that I am not only creating something beautiful but also useful,” she wrote on her Etsy store. “I hope that my works will be used and loved and bring lots of positive energy and smiles into your lives.”

Currently, Vita receives custom made requests and does shipping worldwide. If you are interested to see more of Vitraaze’s artwork, check out the gallery below.

Do you like decorated glassware? Which one is your favorite?