Claire Kelly Makes Adorable Animal Glass Sculptures

Glass artist, Claire Kelly, creates mesmerizing animal sculptures out of glass. Her works also aims to raise awareness about the serious problems our environment faces today.

“My sculptures tell a story about the fragility and conservation of these small worlds as well as describing their role in a grander scheme. We live in a time when our smallest decisions can affect our environment in unpredictable ways and as a conscientious inhabitant I am constantly weighing my choices and attempting to choose the lesser evil,” Kelly wrote on her website.

As for the process, Kelly’s work is a combination of conventional Venetian glassblowing and various cold working processes. Her artworks are inspired by mid-century Venetian Masters such as Napoleone Martinuzzi and Carlo Scarpa, and contemporary masters such as Dick Marquis and Toots Zynsky.

The Rhode Island-based artist usually works with cane and murrini techniques and she’s interested in exploring the language of line, pattern, and color.