Crafter Transforms Everyday Objects Into Something Never Seen Before

Blake McFarland is an artist who has one goal: he takes everyday items and transforms them into “something never before seen” all while helping the environment. He describes himself as a mixed materials artist, ocean enthusiast, and retired ball player.

“I create things for a living,” the artist shared on his YouTube channel. “I specialize in using recycled and strange materials. I currently have publicly displayed sculptures located in the Milwaukee Buck’s Fiserv Forum Arena, The Cleveland Cavaliers Arena, USC, University of Notre Dame, Wisconsin University and many more.”

He has also created commissioned sculptures for Goodyear Tires, Lululemon Athletica, and Nothing But Tires. In one of his projects, he shows us how a spoon can be transformed into a palm tree necklace, or how a coffee can can become a hand saw.

Scroll down and take a look at his other creations below. Would you rock that palm tree necklace?