Dad Turns His Sons’ Drawings Into Realistic Images

Image by thingsihavedrawn/ Instagram

After seeing his sons Al and Dom were passionate about drawing, artist Tom Curtis decided to encourage them to continue making arts. The two little boys do not only have a wild imagination to draw all sorts of things like misshaped dolphins, lions, and cars, but they also managed to inspire their dad as well.

Tom figured he could give their rough drawings a little makeup in Photoshop, but decided to keep the original idea. This turned into an adorable project titled Things I Have Drawn, where Tom recreates Al and Dom’s sketches into realistic images. You can check out some of their collaborative works below.

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It's a car from the future – driven by Dad. (But just so you know – this is an #ad.) ___ Hi everyone. Tom, the boys’ dad, here. Things I Have Drawn isn’t my day job – it’s a fun thing Dom, Al and I do together when they’re not at school and I’m not at work. And for anyone who’s been following us for a while (thank you) you’ll know that we’ve been lucky enough to even have a book published (link in our bio). Over the past 2 and a bit years, we’ve let our following grow organically by posting pictures we want to create, but when a brand like Mastercard comes knocking, asking us to do something with them that we love doing anyway, it feels like a bit of a no-brainer! This week is the Goodwood Festival of Speed – a big car show in the south of England – and Mastercard UK, as its main sponsor, has run a competition asking parents to send in their kids’ designs for the ‘car of the future’. It’s been an absolute pleasure helping bring some of those drawings to life with a bit of Things I Have Drawn magic. Over the next few posts you’ll see some of the pictures we’ve created together. First up – here’s Eduard Arion’s awesome drawing, turned into a true speed machine. (And sure enough – that really is me at the wheel.) Another one to follow tomorrow. ___ And here are some hashtags: #FOS #Goodwood #StartSomethingPriceless @mastercarduk #mastercard #thingsihavedrawn #cardrawing #kidsdrawing #kidsdrawings #idrawwhatisaw

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