Digital Artist Merges Human Body With Everyday Objects to Create Extraordinary Images

Image via mofart_photomontages/Instagram

Monica Carvalho has been into about art for years now. The Swiss-born digital artist living and working in Berlin is passionate about making the ordinary extraordinary.

“My artistic process is to challenge myself to look the familiar from a new perspective,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “I combine photos from my travels and everyday life on Photoshop to produce ‘photomontages’. The aim is to inspire you and make you to look at the world differently!”

In her work, she uses the human body and merges it with everyday objects.

“I believe that if you shift your way of looking at ordinary things, they can acquire a new potential: clothes, people, food, architecture, nature, animals – anything has the power to inspire…,” she added.

Carvalho shares her work on her Instagram page where she has attracted over 96.3 thousand followers and has thousands of likes on each of her images.

If you are interested to see her work, check out the gallery below.

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