Ellen Jewett Creates Fantasy-Like Sculptures of Animals

Image by ellenjewett/ Instagram

Get ready to enter the surreal world of Ellen Jewett’s creations. This talented sculptor is recognizable making sculptures of animals that are covered in interesting handcrafted details. Thanks to these details, which include all varieties of flora and fauna, Jewett’s sculptures look like something that came straight from a fantasy movie.

According to the artist itself, each detail of the animal’s fur and feathers has a hidden meaning.

“Each detail, down to the finest filigree, is free-modeled by hand. Within each piece, precision is balanced by chaos.” – said Ellen of her work. “The overarching aesthetic knocks on the door of realism, yet the hand of the artist is never intentionally erased; brush strokes and fingerprints abound. Even the narratives themselves harbor a degree of anarchy as they are rarely formally structured. Rather, I seek to achieve flow states while working to create a fluid progression of unconscious imagery.”

You can check out some of her fantasy-like sculptures below.