Fashion Student Creates Colorful Garments out of Recycled Material

Fashion student and designer Benjamin Benmoyal recently presented a unique and inspiring collection of colorful garments that are completely made out of recycled material.

Benmoyal, who studies at London’s Central Saint Martins college, used discarded video and cassette tapes in combination with recycled yarns and Tencel for his pieces. According to the designer himself, the designs and materials were based on the utopian vision of the future from the 1960s and 1970s. 

“This time seemed very optimistic, whereas nowadays, we tend to think that the future will be bad or that it won’t even exist,” Benmoyal explained. “This is how I found inspiration in the shapes of brutalist architecture from the ’60s and ’70s for my designs, as these symbolised a utopian future.”

Benmoyal’s collection, titled “It Was Better Tomorrow,” was recently showcased as part of the Designing in Turbulent Times exhibition. This exhibition had a goal to present designs aimed towards building a more sustainable future.

Check out some of his creations below.

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