Help! We’ve Fallen in Love with Pastel-Colored Ceramics

Lindsey Hampton’s pastel-colored ceramics took the world (and Instagram) by storm, and rightfully so. Her mugs, jugs, and vases have a clean, geometric shape to them, with just the right amount of color to add a chic, Nordic, edge to any old kitchen.

In an interview with MONTECRISTO Magazine, Hampton talked about her choice of colors, explaining: “I think the pastels were kind of my compromise, my own internal compromise — just using pastels and light colors was how I was able to be okay with so much color. I appreciate color, but I’m making things for someone else, sort of: someone who’s much bolder than me and loves having color in their home. Sometimes I make things that have a lot of color and I think, ‘Who would like this? Who is this for?’”

“I like the hard angles and sharp lines,” she added. “That’s another thing I don’t even think about—that’s just how I make things. It’s a tricky medium in which to be precise; it doesn’t want to be precise all the time, so it’s challenging.”

We sure would love to get our hands on some of her creations! Take a look at some of our favorites in the gallery below.

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