IKEA to Build New Eco-Friendly Store in Vienna

Photo by Oleg Laptev on Unsplash

IKEA has started to work on its new store in Vienna. The seven-story store will be located in the city’s Westbahnhof station and it will be unlike any of their other stores. The building is designed to follow an eco-friendly concept.

First of all, the store is located in the city, unlike their typical stores that are built further away. This is done in an attempt to attract customers to go to the store without a car, so it doesn’t even have parking spaces. Instead, it focuses on using public transport and bikes, as well as walking. How do you get the goods you purchase then? You can simply get them delivered.

IKEA Westbahnhof will set new standards for furniture and home decor shopping. You will be able to see their complete offer across the seven floors, and there’s even going to be a room for inspiration and chilling. The building will come with green facades decorated with plants and it will have a roof terrace open to the public.

We really love the innovative design the Swedish company is applying here. The vision for the store is that it’s more of a meeting place where you can enjoy beautiful interiors with friends and take a break at the cafe, with an opportunity to see the products you like in person, which you can’t do online.