Illustrator Reimagines Different Dog Breeds as Centaur Warriors

Image by bloodynik_art/Instagram

Who says that a centaur has to have the upper body of a human? Why couldn’t it be a dog? This is what illustrator Nikita Orlov was thinking of when he created his first sketch of a dog centaur. After doing research on the internet and realizing that no one came up with this idea before, Orlov decided to create some more illustrations, this time reimagining different dog breeds as centaur warriors.

His works quickly began attracting attention from Instagram users, so he decided to continue with this unique project. It also got him a collaboration with Punga Miniatures on D&D project “The Deck of Many,” while an idea about a tabletop game might be in works as well.

Until these interesting projects come to fruition, you can check some of Nikita Orlov’s illustrations of dog centaurs below.