Illustrator Shares Hilarious Comics About His Cat

Cats are unarguably one of the best companions people can ask for. They are squeaky clean and may seem entitled and stubborn. Nonetheless, they are fun to be around. This cartoonist was convinced by his wife to post comics about his adopted cat.

Lucas Turnbloom from Southern California, works as a cartoonist and author. After rescuing a cat a while ago, he discovered that she was a little crazy. He decided to turn her shenanigans into hilarious comics. He titled it “How to Cat”.

Lucas started the comic series as an inside joke shared between him and his wife. His wife insisted that he posts it on his social media pages. He took her advice and discovered that people loved it. His Instagram followership keeps rising, and more than 45k people have followed so far.

Below are some of the cartoonist’s funniest comics. You can find more on his Instagram page.