Incredible Art Made Out Of Staples

Artists constantly search for new ways of expressing themselves. To achieve this, they use all kinds of mediums from traditional ones like paint or clay to some unusual ones. 

New York artist James Haggerty is one of the most innovative people we’ve seen and that says something! If you take a glance at his works, you might think he’s a regular painter. But, if you look closely, you will see that he is actually making mosaics out of thousands of colored staples!  

Haggerty has a long history of making these amazing pictures. His latest work is a picture of a dachshund made out of 75,738 staples! He also made large Star Wars characters such as Darth Vader and Greedo, as well as simple portraits of other people that look super realistic! 

He is an award-winning painter and printmaker, who has received recognition in widely spread newspapers and magazines such as Life Magazine, The Guardian, New York Newsday, and many others. Haggerty was never afraid to wander into unknown creative lands which is evident from his works.  

If this staple artist’s story has tickled your imagination, scroll to see the pictures below and be ready to be amazed by his talent and ideas!