Iranian Artist Turn His Favorite Painter’s Life Into a Comic

Alireza Karimi Moghaddam is an award-winning graphic designer and cartoonist based in Teheran, Iran who is obsessed with the life and work of the famous Dutch artist, Vincent van Gogh. He shares his admiration by creating a comic series about his favorite Post-Impressionist painter.

From dreaming about his cut of ear and cycling through a meadow of sunflowers to painting a yellow chair, Moghaddam puts Van Gogh in different situations which might lead to creating his art. In one image, cartoon Van Gogh steals a bunch of sunflowers and gets chased by the landlord, while in another, he attempts suicide while holding a vase full of his favorite flowers.

Moghaddam has participated in several exhibitions held in Italy, Japan, Turkey, Brazil, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Korea, and Iran. You can check out his work on his Instagram page, where he shares his comics and has attracted almost 40 thousand followers.

Scroll down and have a look at his illustrations.