Japanese Dad Draws On His Toddlers’ Photos

If there’s one thing every new parent is guilty of, it’s that they can’t stop taking pictures of their newborn son or daughter.

They just can’t help it. They want to make sure that they capture every second of their little one’s life, especially during their first few months and as they grow old.

But, the thing is, most parents could use a few instructions when it comes to taking appropriate photos, or at least, ones that their children won’t be embarrassed about when they grow up.

For the children of Yota (yota7454 on Instagram), that’s not going to be a problem. Using his creative talent, Yota draws on his children’s family albums to add even more life to their precious little moments.

From taking his children to incredible adventures to transforming them into pop culture characters, this Japanese father’s creativity is equal parts amazing and adorable.