These Adorable Cakes Feature Our Favorite Cartoon Characters

It’s a bit difficult to be truly impressed by cakes that draw inspiration from our favorite cartoons since you can find so many that look really amazing. That’s not stopping one Latvian cake maker from going down this road – and creating something extraordinary along the way.

Maria, who’s based in Salaspils, Latvia, is the mastermind behind Instagram page @caramel.patisserie which has 65,000 followers and counting. The cake toppers on her cakes look so realistic that we wouldn’t judge you if you thought they’re 3D models from your favorite Disney and Pixar movies.

Moomins, Winnie-the-Pooh, and Minions are only some of the animated characters that Maria seems to adore – or at least her clients do so since her birthday cakes happen to be very popular with kids for obvious reasons.

Even when she’s not making cakes inspired by cartoons, Maria seems to enjoy making animal-shaped cake toppers the most. Teddy bears and unicorns have a special place in her heart, but you’ll find many other adorable creations on her viral Instagram page.

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